Fashionspot okurlarından Vogue'un yeni kapağına yapılan yorumlar. :)

- Deniz looks so gorgeous!
this is an amazing cover

??? Deniz kim???

- Dont know who she is but she and the cover are damn Hot !!!

- What a pretty face well, it looks alright... until i get to the
legs part. it looks very oddly shaped, what happened there

- I'm guessing the model (?) is Turkish, but I can really appreciate this cover. It's nice.

:))) Türk bir model? Bakalım ilk Türk kim olacak?

- Such a hot cover. I love it. I actually think Vogue Turkey had put nice covers since the first one. Hope they continue to wow me.

Ben olacağına eminim.

- Now that is a gorgeous cover! It looks hot, surprisingly not a cheap cover. I love it. A good comeback after that okay April cover.Who is she anyway? Thanks for posting

Neden şaşırdı ki?

- Amazing cover. I love it.

- Wonderful ! so smart and chic !!! great expression

- Love the theme of being in the pool after dark, and I have no idea who she is, so that's given me something to investigate...

- Bravo vogue turkiye!
beautiful cover, once again.

- I am absolutely in love with these covers so far
Vogue Turkey is going to be a force if they kep this up

- Beauty cover

- Lovely cover

- It's a good cover actually but what's about leg, it's horrible.

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